Many clients purchase solely natural ingredients and Organic foodstuffs, that is, agricultural products which exclude the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Italy is one of the European countries with the greatest number of Certified Organic Farms. Consumer preferences worldwide are increasingly shifting towards the purchase and exclusive consumption of organic foodstuffs.

Our products are certified by Bioagricert, the first independent technical Control and 3rd Party Certification Body for organic agriculture and food production recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies.

A Bioagricert Certification is obtained through strict controls, both administrative and analytical, across the entire supply chain, with inspections of the entire production process. Over the years, the Bioagricert mark has become synonymous with “high quality” Organic Agricultural Food Products and is considered to be one of the most important certifications in the field, due to its meticulous verification methods.