Over the years, we have developed a number of Extra Virgin Olive Oil lines for retail.

For the United States, we have also created an entire line of product kits to make it possible to sample some of our country’s tastiest recipes.

These are “survival kits” for those who simply can’t do without Italian artisan pasta when they’re abroad. In fact, that’s how some of our best sellers came about: our popular Pasta Kits for Fusilli alla Strangolata, Spaghetti “Aglio Olio Peperoncino”, “Maccheroni with Porcini Mushrooms”. As well as other tasty kits like our “Spice Mix all’Arrabbiata.

Let’s not forget our sauces and pesto.

For the Chinese market, we have produced a line of pickles with a spicy flavor for lovers of online shopping.

In addition, we have just launched a major project to supply Italian stores with a selection of fine Italian products, including 750 ml bottles of our Critelli Extra Virgin Olive Oils, the Italian Sincero and our top of the line Critelli Organic extra virgin olive oil.